Electric Vehicle Rear View Mirrors

Electric Vehicle Rear View Mirrors

The application of Electric Vehicle Rear View Mirrors is to ensure the safety of riding, we can easily avoid the rear of the vehicle, overtaking do not have to look back.

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Product Description

Many people like to ride electric bicycles, which is more convenient, but safety is more important. It is necessary to install our rearview mirrors for electric vehicles, which can help to accurately identify the current road conditions without hindering your riding, and the shapes are very fashionable.

Our electric vehicle rear view mirrors can ensure the safety during riding, helping you easily avoid rear-end collisions and don't have to look back when overtaking. When the vehicle is driving or turning left or right, the vehicle or pedestrian behind can be seen, which greatly increases the vision of rear view and effectively improves the driving safety. The new convex mirrors are adopted, which are more clear and have wider field of vision than the general rearview mirror. greatly increasing the rearview field of vision, effectively improving driving safety. 

Our electric vehicle rear view mirrors use special bolts for handlebars with universal adjustment. The products adopt aluminium alloy and stainless steel, and are suitable for many kinds of general vehicles. The mirror pole is made of good metal with enough hardness, which makes the road more stable and does not shake. The rear view mirrors are adjustable up and down with adjustable angle screw, flexible in use, satisfying more angle needs during your driving.

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