Which Three Parts Of The Electric Car Are Most Afraid Of Water

- Aug 25, 2018-

We all know that electric vehicles are afraid of being rained, because the rain will short-circuit the electric vehicle line, which will slightly short the external lines of the controller, such as the Hall line, the switch line, and the main line. The serious problem is that the controller burns out. There are three places where it is most afraid of water.

1. The circuit of the hood part, in the rain, you can find a thing that can cover the front of the car, and waterproof it.

2. In the controller part, the general electric vehicle will be installed with waterproof parts, which can be ignored.

3. The battery connection part, if the part is not sealed properly, the battery will be short-circuited.

The rain of electric vehicles generally has no effect on the line, but it is easy to cause discoloration of the outer large board. Its protection is mainly not to let the water inside the car. After the rain, put the car in a ventilated place and dry it as soon as possible to avoid the circuit getting wet.

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