What Should I Pay Attention To When Using Smart Electric Cars In Daily Life?

- Aug 22, 2018-

In today's market, there are a wide variety of smart electric vehicles, and various types of electric vehicles have their own characteristics. Many electric vehicles even introduce multi-functions such as body self-checking, control speed limit, mode selection, and travel record, which further enrich people's Live and improve the safety of driving. As the functionality of electric vehicles increases, their value is getting higher and higher, and they need to be scientifically protected in daily life. So what should you pay attention to when using smart electric vehicles in daily life?

First, avoid friction storage

Generally, various types of intelligent electric vehicles are available. The surface of high-quality electric vehicles adopts alumina technology. The body has high hardness and wear resistance, is not easy to be scratched, and has a high appearance. However, if the smart electric vehicle is in contact with the frosted products and the sharp products for a long time in daily storage, the surface will be scratched, and even the advanced oxidation process is difficult to resist frequent scraping.

Second, do not overload

The product manual is included in the intelligent electric vehicle product. The manual has the “maximum load limit”. When using the electric vehicle for daily use, it must comply with the maximum limit of the manual. Do not overload it. Although most smart electric vehicles have elastic load-bearing space, if the overload is excessive or the instantaneous overload force is too large, the electric vehicle will be damaged, and even if it is not damaged, the main structure will be displaced, posing a threat to components such as tires.

Third, do not charge at high temperature

Special attention should be paid to the charging problem of intelligent electric vehicles. A slight misuse may cause the overall damage of the electric vehicle, and the battery part is one of the most vulnerable parts of the intelligent electric vehicle. It is necessary to prevent external impact during daily operation, and at the same time ensure the charging and discharging process. Safety, especially not charging in high temperature environments.

Fourth, the prescribed road surface

With the increasing number of technological processes invested in smart electric vehicles, the roads on which they can ride are becoming more and more abundant, but all kinds of intelligent electric vehicles have “suitable for riding the road”, “taboo road” and “not suitable for riding the road”. In the daily life, try to reduce the number of wading times and avoid long-term riding in a bumpy environment.

In order to make smart electric vehicle products last longer, you must follow the above scientific use. When there is an abnormality in the electric vehicle, consult with the original manufacturer or go to a professional repair site to check and repair, to avoid further expansion of the fault. The new generation of the most stable intelligent electric vehicles is durable and generally does not frequently fail under the premise of standard use, so you can ride with confidence.

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