What Functions Should Smart Electric Bikes Have

- Jun 30, 2018-

Nowadays, people have entered the era of intelligence, and smart products have gradually become an important part of people's lives. Among them, compared to ordinary bicycles and electric bicycles, smart electric bicycles have made great breakthroughs in their functions. The travel has become more convenient, efficient, environmentally friendly, and scientific. Then, what functions should the most professional intelligent electric bicycles have?

1, smart anti-theft: the latest smart electric bicycle electrical components and chip integration, in the premise that the chip is not unlocked, replace any body parts can not start smart electric bicycle;

2. Smart unlocking: Each smart electric bicycle has a unique code. The owner can unlock and lock the vehicle through the mobile phone APP, which not only saves time but also ensures the safety of the vehicle.

3, smart warning: in the rear seat cushion of smart electric bicycle equipped with warning light, can effectively remind the rear of the vehicle to maintain a safe distance;

4. Intelligent route planning: Real-time understanding of road conditions through the mobile phone APP, and selecting the most time-saving and short-distance routes for the owner, allowing the owner to keep track of the trip at any time;

5. Smart Meter: Through the mobile phone APP, you can view the basic conditions of the vehicle, such as: electricity, speed, mileage and voltage data, allowing owners to grasp the real-time dynamics of the vehicle, to facilitate the owner to adjust the travel program;

6. Smart electricity actuarial calculation: Calculate the remaining mileage of the vehicle through the mobile phone APP to determine the remaining mileage. The owner can judge whether to charge the smart electric bicycle according to the calculation result.

The mobile phone holder and exclusive USB interface are installed on the brake lever of the latest smart electric bike, so that the owner is no longer worried about the power of the mobile phone. In addition, the lightweight design and overall folding of the smart electric bike make it easier to carry the vehicle. The body that is folded in one second makes the subway, shopping, and elevator use elegant and relaxing. Through the above description, to choose a smart electric bicycle that is suitable for you, I believe that you can make your trip more interesting.

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