The Development Trend Of Intelligent Transportation Industry

- Jul 03, 2017-

Intelligent transportation industry as an important part of the modernization of traffic, "thirteen five" period will continue to focus on China's transport science and technology support and development of strategic direction. For the "one side", "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development", "Yangtze River Economic Zone" and other national strategies put forward the major demand for transportation to solve our comprehensive transport efficiency, public travel inconvenience, traffic security situation is grim, traffic energy High, Intelligent Transportation Industry the level of traffic services and other urgent issues-oriented, oriented to the needs of the future, innovation and lead the promotion of intelligent transportation and sustainable development of China's intelligent transportation industry is the main idea of the future development. This paper mainly from the following six aspects, look forward to the future development trend of intelligent transportation.

Integrated traffic intelligence coordination and service

Foreign developed countries from the integration of infrastructure and equipment, a variety of integrated transport equipment design, operation scheduling and service integration and other aspects, the full realization of the integrated cargo transport between the information sharing, and continuously improve the level of intelligent information services. In recent years, China's various modes of transport have been rapid development, Intelligent Transportation Industry but a variety of modes of transport between the information service lag, restricting the comprehensive traffic coordination and efficient service. The future With the development of integrated traffic and convenient travel requirements, information sharing and intelligent service technology will be fully developed and applied.

Intelligent Operation of Safe Operation of Transportation System

Traffic safety is a serious problem facing China's long-term transportation field. The intelligent guarantee of safe operation of transportation system will be an important direction for the future development of intelligent transportation. Traffic safety involves a number of elements of the traffic system, Intelligent Transportation Industry only from a single factor can not fundamentally improve the level of traffic safety, the future safe operation of the transport system security will focus on the use of modern information technology to analyze the cause of the accident, evolution, Strategy and design of active safety technology and management methods, from the man - car - road coordination point of view to achieve traffic safety operation prevention and control integration.

Cooperative intelligent traffic and autopilot will be the focus of intelligent transportation

Cooperative intelligent transportation, in the United States as an interconnected vehicle in recent years, the international intelligent transportation industry is an important direction, it will wireless communications, sensors and intelligent computing and other cutting-edge technology integrated in the vehicle and road infrastructure, through the car and car, car and Road information exchange and sharing, the first to achieve the safety of vehicle operation, followed by green driving and traffic information services, Intelligent Transportation Industry it is safe-assisted driving, path optimization, low-carbon and other multi-purpose unified new services. Developed countries in this area has done a lot of practical road tests, the basic realization of the industrialization. It is worth mentioning that in Japan has been in all the highways to achieve high-speed wireless data communications full coverage, Intelligent Transportation Industry with the above functions of the vehicle terminal has sold hundreds of thousands of units.

Also worthy of attention in the direction of the automatic driving car, which is from the birth of intelligent traffic in the field of research, but in recent years the development is extremely rapid, in the highway and urban road test test has been developed in developed countries, Automatically driving cars in the absence of intervention under the conditions of thousands of kilometers of automatic operation examples abound. At the same time low-speed unmanned vehicles in developed countries in the development and testing is also close to practical, in special areas, open roads, residents of the community has been a lot of running test, the new route of the bud has begun to show.

The special requirements of the intelligent transportation industry will promote the development of information technology

The most important feature of intelligent transportation is the reliable data exchange and flow data calculation between high-speed mobile vehicles, vehicles and infrastructure, and these special requirements play a strong role in promoting the development of broadband mobile communication technology and computing technology , Such as ultra-high-speed wireless LAN and 5G mobile communications are low latency as an important indicator, Intelligent Transportation Industry 5G even proposed a delay of not more than 1 millisecond, this indicator is directly related to traffic safety applications. For example, fast-moving vehicles require uninterrupted data connections within the communications network to ensure that the flow data is calculated, which presents new requirements for communication transmission control protocols and flow calculation techniques, which are not available in general public communication systems of. These technologies have made many breakthroughs in recent years, providing support for intelligent driving and autopilot.

Technical system and the standardization of the system

China's existing intelligent transportation system system framework and standardization system is the end of the last century to learn from the experience of international intelligent transportation system development, combined with China's actual situation to develop. It should be said that this system framework and standard system to lead China's intelligent transportation system construction and development has played an important positive role, the main content is consistent with the technological development trend and the practical application of our country.

In recent years, under the arrangement of the Ministry of Transport and the National Standards Committee, the intelligent traffic standard system has been revised to integrate the communication application technology, vehicle road and vehicle cooperation technology, mobile interconnection transportation technology, Intelligent Transportation Industry traffic information security Management and other content into the standard system. Among them, the national standards for road and vehicle communication by the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Industry arrangements, has released two, two will be released by the end of this year, there are a number of the standard committee under the arrangement is being carried out.

At the same time, China's intelligent transportation system construction and development, based on national conditions and innovation and development of many intelligent traffic applications and new technologies, outstanding results. Summary of development results, based on national conditions, tracking the development of new international technology developments, timely improvement and enrichment of China's intelligent transportation system framework, will be the future of China's intelligent transportation system in the field of important work.

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