The Development Of Intelligent Transportation Industry

- Jun 05, 2017 -

Intelligent transportation industry as the first 50 years of the world's largest industry, will give the community and people's way of life to bring more surprising changes, although the intelligent transportation system in China's development is not perfect, the future there are many areas To be developed, the market prospect is broad, Intelligent Transportation Industry in a long period of time will continue to show the trend of rapid growth, traffic, "intelligent" wait and see.

With the rapid development of the national economy and the acceleration of the urbanization process, China's motor vehicle ownership has risen sharply, and the road traffic problem has been endless. Intelligent transportation system is the future direction of the development of traffic systems, it will be advanced information technology, data transmission and transmission technology, electronic sensing technology, Intelligent Transportation Industry control technology and computer technology and other effective integration used in the entire ground traffic management system.

With the further expansion of the intelligent transportation market, intelligent transportation technology is also progressing. At present, the general trend of intelligent transportation technology development includes four aspects: the precise situation of traffic operation and intelligent control, Intelligent Transportation Industry intelligent vehicle and vehicle Collaborative control, based on mobile Internet integrated traffic intelligent services, active traffic safety and traffic emergency linkage.

In recent years, the rapid development of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, large data, cloud computing and Internet of Things has promoted the rapid development and mature of intelligent transportation industry. At present, China's intelligent transportation system has entered from the actual development and application stage, Intelligent Transportation Industry Many places in the city on the internal traffic and the highway on a useful attempt, and achieved some success.

I believe that with the promotion of new urbanization and the implementation of intelligent city-related policies, intelligent transportation industry in the future development of a broad space, Intelligent Transportation Industry industry development will usher in a sustained and stable growth period.

The intelligent transportation industry includes several sub-sectors such as highway, railway, aviation, water transport and urban traffic. The transportation industry involves several ministries such as transportation, public security, industry and informationization, housing and urban and rural construction. The intelligentization of urban traffic, expressway traffic and rail transit is the three sub-areas of the largest share of intelligent transportation in the narrow sense. Generalized intelligent transportation products to the parking lot management, Intelligent Transportation Industry automatic ticket sales, motor vehicle driving skills training and examination, and even traffic safety and other systems are included. Our so-called narrow sense of the intelligent transportation system does not include the function of a single video surveillance, parking management, AFC automatic ticket sales, driving test, PSD or security door (SD) and other systems.

Intelligent transportation industry has 10 major systems:

1, electronic police system;

2, bayonet system and equipment;

3, traffic signal system;

4, traffic flow collection system (video analysis or microwave detection radar, to sense coil, etc.);

5, traffic guidance system;

6, GPS and mobile police systems and equipment;

7, video surveillance system;

8, ETC charging system;

9, intelligent bus system;

10, passenger hub information system.

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