The Big Achievement Of Yadi Electric Vehicles

- Aug 29, 2017-

                          The big achievement of Yadi electric vehicles


     The total saleroom of Yadi’s electric vehicles increased by 32% year-on-year in First two quarters,still top of electric vehicle industry!


    As the leading brand of high-end electric vehicles in China, yadi electric vehicle exports 66 countries, and has been ahead in high-end sales for 12 years.This year, more and more customers are favored, popularly saling.According to the preliminary understanding, between January and July 2017, yadi electric vehicle sales rose 32%.The second-tier cities, hangzhou, Qingdao, haikou and other cities more than 50% growth.


   According to a yadi dealer in hangzhou, the yadi store he runs has a commanding lead in local sales so far this year.For every 10 high-end electric cars on the market, six of them are yadi.Yadi's high-end electric car market has performed surprisingly well!


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