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- Jul 03, 2017-

Display accessories, can also be called display accessories, or directly popular called the display, screen and so on. Is a device that can output images or touch information (such as braille display accessories for blind design). If the input signal for the electronic signal, this display accessories will be called electronic display accessories, the relative there are mechanical display accessories.

Common electronic display accessories, such as: TV display, computer display accessories.

Show the type of accessories (sort from time of occurrence)

SCL (Single Color Light), monochrome light display accessories, appear in the early last century, is characterized by the screen with some ray tube, and then the screen appears black text and images, Accessories Display mainly fixed telephone screen, early mobile phone, electronic watches and The early game consoles are the display accessories, and the other's display accessories are called BLOCK (features text and images are made up of squares).

MCL (Muti-color Light), multi-color (color) light display accessories, appear in the twenties and thirties of the last century, the screen with colored fluorescent material coated with ray tube, mainly early color TV, 70's color mobile phone And computers.

DBN (Dynamic Board Natural Display), dynamic board natural display accessories, appeared in the fifties of last century, the characteristics of the picture can be dynamically processed, but because the light is in the image board, the picture quality is far less than CRT, it is worth noting that, As the United States to hostile state against China, coupled with the absence of technical conditions in China at that time, Accessories Display leading to China did not show this accessories, until the 1970s, China has later CRT display accessories.

CRT (Cathode Ray Tube), cathode ray tube display accessories, appeared in the late sixties of the last century, there are five main components: Electron Gun (Electron Gun), deflection coil (Deflection coils), shadow mask (Shadow mask), phosphor Layer (Phosphor) and glass shell. It was one of the most widely used display accessories, CRT flat display accessories with a large viewing angle, no dead pixels, high color reproduction, color uniformity, adjustable multi-resolution mode, the response time is extremely short LCD Display accessories difficult to go beyond the advantages, and the previous CRT display accessories price than LCD display accessories a lot cheaper.

It is a diode made of a compound of gallium (Ga) and arsenic (As), phosphorus (P), nitrogen (N), indium (In), by controlling the display of semiconductor light-emitting diodes. When electrons and holes Composite can radiate visible light, which can be used to make light-emitting diodes. Accessories Display In the circuit and the instrument as a light, or composed of text or digital display. Phosphorus gallium arsenide diode red, gallium phosphide emitting green, silicon carbide diode yellow, indium gallium nitride diode blue light.

HDD (High Definition Display), high-definition resolution display accessories, from a technical point of view, the resolution can reach 720P display accessories called high-definition display accessories; and from our generally referred to as high-definition, High resolution display accessories.

Traditional display accessories developed for decades, and its technical structure principles limit its further development. Vacuum cathode ray tube inherent several major shortcomings lead to CRT display accessories more and more difficult to adapt to the consumer demand for display accessories to further improve, this time, flat panel display accessories sudden emergence, which is most likely to replace the CRT display accessories in the PC display terminal The status of monopoly is the LCD display accessories.

LCD display accessories display and CRT display accessories are very different. Relative to the CRT display accessories, the LCD display accessories are born with the following absolute advantages:

1, zero radiation, low power consumption, small heat dissipation. The display principle of the liquid crystal display part is to restore the screen by twisting the liquid crystal molecular deflection angle in the liquid crystal pixel, and there is no ultra-high voltage component inside the CRT, so that the x-ray due to the high voltage does not appear. And the machine structure circuit is simple, modular and chip highly integrated enough to work when the circuit to minimize the electromagnetic radiation. Accessories Display This design directly reduces the power consumption of the circuit, heat is also very small. LCD display accessories, although at work may produce a slight electromagnetic radiation, but it is easy to solve through the shielding circuit. The CRT display accessories due to take into account the heat, not in the shield on the hole caused by radiation leakage.

2, slim and lightweight. It is the emergence of liquid crystal display accessories, only to make the invention of portable computers possible. Similarly, the table-type LCD display accessories, although the size and weight than the laptop computer to be larger, but relative to that stupid and heavy CRT display accessories is trivial. In contrast to the 15-inch display accessories, the depth of the CRT display accessories is generally close to 50 cm, while the great white shark's new LCD display accessories NF-1500MA depth of less than 5 cm! With the consumer point of view and the living environment changes, people on the household electrical appliances, Accessories Display the volume and weight requirements are getting higher and higher. LCD display accessories with its slim and lightweight natural advantages become the most likely to break the CRT display accessories monopoly position of the display parts.

3, accurate reduction of the image. LCD display accessories using a direct digital addressing display, it can be the video output of the video signal after AD conversion, according to the signal level in the "address" signal directly to the video signal one by one on the screen LCD pixels are displayed. And CRT display accessories rely on the deflection coil to generate electromagnetic fields to control the electron beam on the screen periodic scan to achieve the purpose of displaying the image. As the trajectory of the electron beam is susceptible to environmental magnetic field or geomagnetism, the absolute positioning of the electron beam on the screen can not be achieved. So CRT display accessories prone to the screen of the geometric distortion, linear distortion can not fundamentally eliminate the phenomenon. While the liquid crystal display accessories do not exist this possibility. LCD display accessories can be the perfect picture on the screen presented, without any geometric distortion, linear distortion.

4, display characters sharp. The picture does not blink. The unique display principle of the liquid crystal display determines the uniformity of each pixel on the screen, and the red, green and blue colors are closely arranged, and the video signal is sent directly to the pixels behind the pixels to drive the pixels, so there is no traditional CRT display accessories. Convergence and shortcomings of poor focus. Therefore, the liquid crystal display accessories on the text display with the traditional CRT display accessories compared with the incomparable. LCD display accessories font is very sharp, there is no CRT display accessories display text when the font blur, font color and other phenomena. Moreover, because the liquid crystal display accessories after the power has been in the light, the backlight work at high frequencies, the display screen is stable and not flashing, Accessories Display is conducive to the use of computers for a long time. And CRT display accessories rely on the electron beam repeated impact to the phosphor to achieve the light, which will lead to periodic flicker of brightness. After prolonged use is likely to cause discomfort to the human eye.

5, the screen adjustment is convenient. Liquid crystal display accessories direct addressing display, making the liquid crystal display accessories screen adjustment does not require too much geometric adjustment and linear adjustment and display the content of the position adjustment. LCD display accessories can be easily calculated through the chip automatically adjust the screen to the best position, this step you only need to press the "Auto" button can be completed. Eliminating the CRT display accessories that cumbersome adjustment. You only need to manually adjust the brightness and contrast of the screen can make the machine work in the best condition.

LCD display accessories with these inherent advantages, has a sufficient threat to the CRT display accessories, the only regret is due to the production of liquid crystal display accessories limited, the current price of liquid crystal display accessories is still relatively high.

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