Several Reasons For The Difficulty Of Riding An Electric Car

- Sep 11, 2018 -

When you are riding an electric bicycle normally, if you feel that the car is heavy, electric and pedaling are strenuous, and the speed is slower, we call these phenomena a lot of riding. Once you have an electric bicycle that is more and more difficult to ride, it is likely to be caused by the following five reasons.

1. The motor is demagnetized, the power is attenuated, and the speed is slow. Frequent overweight and overload will weaken the motor and demagnetize the magnet. If the motor demagnetizes under strong vibration or excessive temperature, all demagnetized motors will have reduced power and slower speed.

2. The battery is low. We often find that when the battery is running out of power, even if the switch is adjusted to a faster position, the speed will not come, and the drive will be intermittent. When the power is used to the undervoltage point, the speed will be slower, which is a kind of protection for the battery. This problem is not a problem, as long as it is fully charged.

Exceeding the standard load. The electric vehicle pulls a lot of "overload". When the load is heavy, the whole vehicle components are forcibly operated, the discharge current is large, and there is no current limiting protection, so that the battery is forcibly discharged, resulting in a serious internal gas damage and shortening the damage to the battery!

4. Turn the problem. If the contact resistance of the rotary plug is too large, the motor speed will be slow and the driving will be difficult.

5. Brake failure. If the front brake is not used frequently, the rust will make the brake rocker arm inflexible and difficult to return to, with brake resistance and slow down the speed; if the brake pads of the rear wheel fall off or the foreign matter inside the brakes, the speed will be slowed down. Even if the brakes are not bad, sometimes too tight will rub the wheels and reduce the speed.

The above is the reason why riding an electric bicycle at 5 o'clock is easy to ride. Everyone should pay attention to regular inspections when using electric bicycles on a daily basis, so that there will be no "floating half, falling off the chain".

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