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- Jun 05, 2017 -

New energy, intelligent Internet, automatic driving and other new technology collective Sword, become the highlight of this year's Shanghai auto show. Facing the future of cars, car prices are imagined wings, Parts and Components want to seize this new competition in the technical high ground, the industrial chain parts and components began to restless.

At the auto show, including Bosch, Faurecia, Boze and Hella and other parts giants, but also to meet this wave of automotive industry changes in the wave of new technologies. The above parts enterprises to the "Daily Economic News" reporter said that parts and components enterprises in their respective advantages of the field of forward-looking technical reserves to ensure that the host factory to meet the needs ahead of schedule.

Insiders said that in the high-tech, parts enterprises than the OEM to face more challenges, especially foreign parts and components enterprises, therefore, in this competition, Parts and Components they must first pre-layout of advanced technology can be firmly Control the technical dominance.

Automobile manufacturing related, obviously, the OEM is not specifically responsible for the manufacture of auto parts, only responsible for the framework of the assembly and vehicle assembly and commissioning. Cars as a Seiko goods that there are tens of thousands of parts, the OEM can not have all the parts of the production equipment and workers, the cost is too high.

How does the OEM and supplier work together?

I think the supplier on this platform should have experience, the parts supplier is a sole proprietorship for the OEMs, orders in the OEM parts of the OEM, and then the production and supply. The two through the contract to achieve mutual coordination of work, is a simple business relationship, not a close partnership or affiliated companies. If you are Germany, ZF, Siemens, Japan Denso such industry giants, otherwise, Parts and Components parts of the quality of the batch, the main plant minutes in accordance with the contract kick you, no good talk , The most typical example is the year's high field airbag event.

In the past, the OEM will be out of some parts of the design, suppliers do according to do, the product can meet the requirements of the former, and the normal supply can be.

Now, many OEMs only out of a framework or standard, suppliers to assume the details of product design, manufacturing, testing, quality assurance, timely supply and after-sales service of all responsibility, and even need to manage and coordinate lower-level suppliers, Which is to monitor the production and supply of parts and components.

When the engine overhaul should be disassembled. Parts and Components Repair after assembly is an important task, how to successfully put the parts into a complete diesel engine, which has a very high technical requirements. Especially the quality of the assembly, which directly affects the life of the diesel engine during use, as well as the degree of frequency of repairs. The following describes the main components of the engine assembly process.

1 cylinder liner installation

When the engine is in operation, the inner surface of the cylinder liner is in direct contact with the high temperature gas, and its temperature and pressure are frequently changed, Parts and Components and its instantaneous value is high, giving the cylinder a large heat load and mechanical load. Pistons in the cylinder to do high-speed reciprocating linear motion, the cylinder wall from the guiding role. Cylinder wall lubrication conditions are poor, the formation of oil film difficult. Wear in the use of faster, especially near the top dead center. In addition, the combustion products are also corrosive to the cylinder. In this harsh working conditions, the cylinder wear is not avoided. Cylinder wear will affect the performance of the engine, the cylinder liner is also a consumable parts of the diesel engine. The installation of the cylinder liner is as follows:

(1) will not install the water ring of the cylinder into the cylinder first try to be able to flexible rotation and no obvious shaking as appropriate, and check the cylinder liner higher than the size of the cylinder plane is within the specified range The

(2) regardless of the cylinder liner is new and old, in the installation of the cylinder liner should all use the new resistance water ring. Resistance to the glue ring should be soft, no cracks, size specifications should be consistent with the original engine requirements.

(3) into the cylinder liner, you can paint around the water ring in some soapy water, in order to facilitate lubrication, the tank can also be appropriate to paint some, and then gently press the cylinder according to the cylinder number Corresponding to the cylinder hole, to use a special installation tool, the cylinder will be completely pressed into the cylinder, so that the shoulder and the cylinder on the mouth of the surface close fit, do not allow the use of hand hammer forced to smash. After installation, the amount of deformation (size reduction and roundabout) of the water stop is not greater than 0. 02 mm. Deformation, should be pulled out of the cylinder liner repair water ring after reloading. After the cylinder liner is inserted, the cylinder shoulders should protrude from the cylinder plane 0.06 to 0.12 mm. This size should be tested before loading the water stop. Highlight the amount of hours, can be in the cylinder on the shoulder above the appropriate thickness of the copper pad; protruding volume is too large, to turn the cylinder liner on the shoulder.

2 Piston ring installation

The piston ring is divided into gas ring and oil ring. 195 diesel engine with Yan Road gas ring and an oil ring, Z1100 diesel engine is used two air ring and an oil ring. They are mounted in the piston ring groove, relying on the elastic force on the cylinder wall, and with the piston up and down movement. The role of the gas ring has two, one is sealed cylinder, as far as possible so that the gas inside the cylinder does not leak into the crankcase; the second is the heat of the piston head to the cylinder wall. Once the piston ring leaks, a large amount of high temperature gas sprang from the gap between the piston and the cylinder, not only the heat received by the piston from the top can not be passed to the cylinder wall with the piston ring, and the piston outer surface and the piston ring are also heated by gas , Parts and Components And finally lead to the piston and piston ring burned. The oil ring acts primarily as a scraper to prevent oil from entering the combustion chamber. Piston ring working environment is bad, but also the wearing parts of diesel. Replace the piston ring to pay attention to the following points:

(1) matching qualified piston ring, set on the piston should be used when the piston ring clamp will be appropriate to open the piston ring, should not be excessive force.

(2) When assembling the piston ring, pay attention to the direction, the chrome ring should be installed in the first ring groove, and the incision to the upward; with external incision of the piston ring installation, the outer incision down; The outer edge are generally chamfer, Parts and Components and the lower lip of the lower end of the outer edge of the chamfer, should pay attention to the installation direction, can not be installed wrong.

(3) Piston rod assembly into the cylinder before the need to ring the location of the circumferential direction of the piston evenly distributed, so as not to overlap the port caused by leakage, channeling and other phenomena. The position of the piston ring end clearance, if it is four rings, the first and second piston ring of the end of the piston pin axis and 45 °, and staggered 180 °; third, the fourth ring of the end of the gap and The first and second ends are at right angles and are 45 ° to the piston pin axis and offset 180 ° from each other. If it is a three-ring, the end of the first ring should be located at the angle of 30 ° with the piston pin axis, the other ring in turn separated from each other 120 °.

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