Parts Of The Assembly Process

- Jun 19, 2017-

When the engine overhaul should be disassembled. Repair after assembly is an important task, how to successfully put the parts into a complete diesel engine, which has a very high technical requirements. Especially the quality of the assembly, which directly affects the life of the diesel engine during use, as well as the degree of frequency of repairs. The following describes the main components of the engine assembly process.

1 Parts and Components cylinder liner installation

When the engine is in operation, the inner surface of the cylinder liner is in direct contact with the high temperature gas, and its temperature and pressure are frequently changed, Parts and Components and its instantaneous value is high, giving the cylinder a large heat load and mechanical load. Pistons in the cylinder to do high-speed reciprocating linear motion, the cylinder wall from the guiding role.

Cylinder wall lubrication conditions are poor, the formation of oil film difficult. Wear in the use of faster, especially near the top dead center. In addition, the combustion products are also corrosive to the cylinder. In this harsh working conditions, the cylinder wear is not avoided. Cylinder wear will affect the performance of the engine, the cylinder liner is also a consumable parts of the diesel engine.

The installation of the cylinder liner is as follows:

(1) will not install the water ring of the cylinder into the cylinder first try to be able to flexible rotation and no obvious shaking as appropriate, Parts and Components and check the cylinder liner higher than the size of the cylinder plane is within the specified range The

(2) regardless of the cylinder liner is new and old, in the installation of the cylinder liner should all use the new resistance water ring. Resistance to the glue ring should be soft, no cracks, size specifications should be consistent with the original engine requirements.

(3) into the cylinder liner, you can paint around the water ring in some soapy water, in order to facilitate lubrication, the tank can also be appropriate to paint some, and then gently press the cylinder according to the cylinder number Corresponding to the cylinder hole, to use a special installation tool, the cylinder will be completely pressed into the cylinder, so that the shoulder and the cylinder on the mouth of the surface close fit, Parts and Components do not allow the use of hand hammer force smashed.

In the era of diversified development of the automobile industry, should not limit who is making a car, according to the laws of the market. If the parts enterprises have enough strength and people, financial, material, you can build cars. Can not only allow the traditional car companies repairer. However, repairer is not so simple. The automobile industry is the most typical representative of the real economy, must be large-scale production, is a social and international manufacturing system. Parts and Components Repairer to have a modern industrial base and a strong industrial system support.

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