Panama Vs Chinese Enterprises' Forum

- Aug 09, 2017-

According to the news from Zhen Guocai who stands for the Guangdong Electric Vehicle Association on Costa Rica.Jiang Zengwei representatives of CCPIT , held a symposium on Chinese-funded enterprises in Panama City on July 23. On the symposium, Wang Weihua, the representative office of the Chinese delegation in Panama, officially announced that the office in Panama was officially changed to the Chinese Embassy in Panama from now on . Wang Weihua, the representative office of the original business agent, was changed to the Charge affaires of the embassy. Jiang Zengwei led the first Chinese economic and trade delegation after the establishment of diplomatic relations with Panamanian Chinese entrepreneurs, Panamanian business officials and other discussions. Zhen Guobao representatives also participated in this forum, and with the Panama Chamber of Commerce representatives on behalf of the negotiations, introduced the situation of the Guangdong Province electric cars.

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