Mountain Bike

- Aug 24, 2016-

Mountain biking originated in 1977 United States San Francisco. Designing a vehicle for riding in the mountains, usually of a transmission can transform energy

Or quick stalls, some in the remote mount rear shock, parts of the skin is chocolate tread of the tire to facilitate travel on unpaved roads to ride. Mountain bike part size for imperial units. 24/26/29 inches rims, tire size of 1.0-2.5 inches. Frame size in inch units, such as 14 ", 17", 19 "to indicate the frame size. Details are divided into many categories, we see much of the General category for XC. Variable speed, tire grip rough better suited to off-road, shock-absorbing system reduces bumps. Overall strength of large strong resistance to shock. Compared with strong riding bike less prone to damage.

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