Intelligent Transportation Line Is The Transportation And Management System

- Jul 14, 2017-

Benefiting from the country's strong investment in road infrastructure in recent years, urban road and traffic problems have a great development in recent years, such as the demand for the formation of intelligent traffic, the rapid development of information technology and the people's demand for travel efficiency, and so on. Investment from 2006 to 18.2 billion to 2010 of 48.1 billion, the next 5 years is expected to invest in China's intelligent transportation industry will close to 380 billion yuan, 2010-2015 compound growth rate of about 17.3%.

Intelligent transportation is a service system based on modern electronic information technology for transportation. Its outstanding feature is the information collection, processing, release, Exchange, analysis, use as the main line, Intelligent Transportation Industry for the traffic participants to provide a variety of services.

Intelligent transportation industry is the advanced information technology, communication technology, sensing technology, control technology and computer technology effectively integrated into the entire transport management system, and set up a large-scale, all-round play a role in real-time, Intelligent Transportation Industry accurate and efficient integrated transport and management system. The application of intelligent transportation industry: including airport, station passenger flow system, urban traffic intelligent dispatching system, expressway intelligent dispatching system, operation vehicle dispatching management system, motor vehicle automatic control system, etc. The role of the intelligent transportation industry: it enhances the transportation efficiency through the harmony of people, cars and roads, relieves traffic congestion, enhances the capacity of road network, reduces traffic accidents, Intelligent Transportation Industry reduces energy consumption and reduces environmental pollution. The composition of intelligent transportation industry: 1, Traffic information Collection system: manual input, GPS vehicle navigation equipment, GPS navigation mobile phone, vehicle traffic electronic information card, CCTV camera, infrared radar detector, coil detector, optical detector and so on. 2. Information Processing and Analysis system: Info Server, expert system, GIS application system, artificial decision and so on. 3, Information dissemination system: Internet, mobile phone, car terminal, broadcast, roadside broadcast, electronic intelligence board, telephone service desk and so on.

Characteristics of Intelligent Transportation industry:

The intelligent transportation industry has two characteristics: one is to focus on the wide application and service of traffic information, the other is to improve the operating efficiency of existing traffic facilities.

Compared with the general technical system, Intelligent Transportation Industry the overall requirements of the construction of the intelligent transportation industry are stricter. This wholeness is manifested in:

(1) Cross-industry characteristics. The construction of intelligent transportation industry involves many industries, and it is a complex large-scale system engineering with extensive social participation, which leads to complex problems of coordination between industries.

(2) Technical field characteristics. The Intelligent transportation industry synthesizes The results of many scientific fields, such as transportation engineering, information engineering, control engineering, communication technology, computer technology, and so on.

(3) The Government, enterprises, scientific research institutions and colleges and universities to participate together, appropriate role positioning and task sharing is an important prerequisite for the effective deployment of the system.

(4) The Intelligent transportation industry will be mainly by mobile communications, broadband network, RFID, sensors, cloud computing and other new generation of information technology to support, Intelligent Transportation Industry more in line with the application needs of people, the degree of trust can be improved and become "ubiquitous."

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