Intelligent Transportation Industry Truly Realizes The Traffic Jam

- Sep 19, 2017-

The intelligent transportation industry will be the mainstream of traffic development in this century

Under the background of constructing safe city, building harmonious society and big explosion of science and technology, the deployment of intelligent transportation is particularly important. The intelligent transportation industry has two characteristics: one is to focus on the wide application and service of traffic information, Intelligent Transportation Industry the other is to improve the operating efficiency of existing traffic facilities.

Compared with the general technical system. The integrity of the construction process of the intelligent transportation industry is more stringent. This wholeness is embodied in: cross-industry characteristics. The construction of intelligent transportation industry involves many industries, and it is a complex large-scale system engineering with extensive social participation, which leads to complex problems of coordination between industries. Intelligent Transportation Industry Technical field characteristics. The Intelligent transportation industry synthesizes The results of many scientific fields, such as transportation engineering, information Engineering, communication technology, control engineering, computer technology and so on.

Of course, the development of intelligent transportation is inseparable from the development of Internet of things, only the development of the concept of Internet technology, the intelligent transportation industry can be more perfect. Intelligent traffic is the embodiment of transportation. Intelligent Transportation Industry With the strong support of the Government and the maturity of the technical standards, the intelligent transportation networking will be an important area of the development of IoT, and will become an important part of the intelligent city in a large-scale network, Intelligent Transportation Industry integration and service-oriented development.

Vehicle monitoring to create city "new traffic"

With the rapid development of economy, people's living standard has been improved and more and more cars have been made, which has caused great pressure on road management. Public transport is the necessary transportation of the city, so the government has always advocated bus priority, but also become an important part of the intelligent traffic regulations in each city, so as to alleviate the urban traffic pressure, avoid more accidents, Intelligent Transportation Industry strengthen public transport management, make people travel more secure. Of course, the traffic management also needs to carry on the omni-directional promotion, specifically for vehicles to develop more advanced monitoring system "car monitoring" to carry out a comprehensive monitoring, so that managers can more timely and clearer understanding of the car outside the situation, and can guide the road, Intelligent Transportation Industry so that each city can enter a smooth access to the environment.

Car monitoring to introduce urban traffic, will usher in more car owners welcome, which can make the road smooth, easing road congestion, so that smoothly passable. Secondly, Intelligent Transportation Industry the owner can provide road information, which road ahead of some congestion so that can be timely to other roads smooth passage. The most important thing is to be able to better protect the driving safety.

The development of domestic intelligent transportation is very important, it can be more powerful to solve the traffic problems, so that car monitoring in the process of playing a very big role, Intelligent Transportation Industry through the car monitoring can be more timely understanding of the bus driving conditions, so that the real realization of intelligent without congestion traffic, make traffic management more orderly.

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