Intelligent Transportation Industry Fruitful

- Jun 19, 2017-

Intelligent transportation industry and security are two highly related industries, intelligent transportation industry, many large integrators, have security engineering construction qualification, some intelligent transportation industry, chairman / general manager and even served as the local security industry The chairman or president of the association. This shows that the relationship between security and intelligent transportation industry is inseparable, and even mutual integration, it can be said that you have me, I have you. Some people say that the intelligent transportation industry is from the security "stripping" out of an industry, nor is it unreasonable. Traffic is a sub-industry in the application of security industry, in recent years has become the application of security eight industry second only to the application of public security industry. Until today, the intelligent transportation industry's largest market is still traffic control, which is the traditional strengths of security. Intelligent Transportation Industry Just because the market is growing, the intelligent transportation industry gradually self-contained.

Relative to the security industry, intelligent transportation industry or a "small industry." So, the intelligent transportation industry will not appear like Hai Kang Wei as such extraordinary development, and quickly become a billion enterprise level, I think not. why? Because the security industry is a product-based industries, and intelligent transportation industry, the proportion of products accounted for a smaller share. Hai Kangwei as 14 years from zero to develop 20 billion scale, but this miracle can not appear in the intelligent transportation industry, Intelligent Transportation Industry because security companies 10 billion yuan, of which at least 80 billion yuan is 80% of sales revenue from the product, intelligent Traffic industry enterprises do not have such a share of product sales to support.

In the long run, the intelligent transportation industry will certainly nurture 10 billion yuan or even 20 billion yuan level of enterprises, but this process is very long, not 10 years, nor 20 years, may take more than 30 years.

The urban intelligent transportation industry system has achieved remarkable results in infrastructure and integrated applications. First, the intelligent transportation industry has been gradually improved, and the activities of the intelligent transportation industry system have been highlighted in many large-scale activities and summits. Daily people travel, road coordination and other aspects of the rapid development of the city which showed a certain effect.

In terms of the status quo of Hunan, Intelligent Transportation Industry the overall traffic information behind the North Guangshen and Nanjing, Hangzhou, in fact, most of the provinces or cities are the situation, in fact, this situation we often accumulate a wealth of experience, Potential and hair. The accumulation of this experience is the need for long-term, after the construction of intelligent transportation industry system due to the amount of money and hardware advantages can be purchased in the short term to the most advanced equipment, but the intelligent transportation industry industry management concepts and business software needs development needs Long-term savings and precipitation, Hunan Province, Changsha City traffic police detachment as the representative of some of the traffic management unit is from 1995 to accumulate precipitation, come now, Accumulate.

The current urban intelligent transportation industry project construction is now more and more for the provinces, the city's comprehensive characteristics, Intelligent Transportation Industry at the same time according to the local characteristics, needs and circumstances to complete the intelligent transportation industry system construction, the implementation of the later found is indeed fruitful.

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