How To Use Electric Cars Correctly In Hot Summer Weather

- Sep 11, 2018-

In summer, the temperature is getting hotter and hotter. In many places, the temperature is above 30 °C. The use of electric vehicles requires special attention. If used improperly, it will cause damage to electric vehicles, affect the service life of electric vehicles, and even bring danger. Pay special attention to the following eight points when using electric vehicles in summer:

First, the electric car should not be charged as soon as it stops. When the electric car is riding, the battery itself will be hot. In addition, the weather is hot, and the battery temperature can reach 70 °C or above. At this time, charging the battery will increase the battery's water loss, reduce the battery life and increase the battery life. The risk of battery punching. The correct way is to stop the electric car for more than half an hour before the battery is cooled and then recharge.

Second, the electric car should not be charged in the case of direct sunlight. The battery will also heat up during charging. If it is charged in direct sunlight, it will cause the battery to lose water, causing damage to the battery. Try to charge the battery in a cool place, or choose to charge the electric car in the evening.

Third, the use of regular brand chargers.

Fourth, the charging time of electric vehicles should not exceed 8 hours. Many electric vehicle users often charge overnight for the convenience of the map. The charging time often exceeds 12 hours. Sometimes, even forgetting to cut off the power supply for more than 20 hours, this will inevitably cause great damage to the battery. Charging for a long time, it is easy to cause the battery to be charged due to overcharging.

Five, electric car charging to special car charger.

6. Do not use a fast charging station.

Seven, electric car chargers do not carry with the car.

Eight, choose a brand battery with guaranteed quality. If you need to change the battery in summer, choose the brand battery quality is good, after-sales service is guaranteed, some of the brand-name battery in the summer mileage is the same as the brand battery, but will not run far in winter, exposing the short board.

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