High Technology Promotes Industrial Productivity

- Aug 29, 2017 -

High technology is the first productive force. Looking at the whole world, every progress of human society is accompanied by the progress of High-tech. In particular, the rapid development of modern science and technology, for social productivity and human civilization opened up a broader space, High-Tech strong impetus to the economic and social development. The rapid growth of our country's computer, communication, biomedicine, new materials and other High-tech enterprises has greatly improved the industrial level of our country and promoted the industrial and agricultural labor productivity to improve greatly. High-Tech It has driven the development of the whole national economy. The practice has proved that high technology and its industry have become the leading industry of the contemporary economic development.

High technology is the symbol of human civilization. The progress and popularization of high technology has provided mankind with new means of broadcasting, television, film, video, network and so on, High-Tech which has brought about a new carrier for the construction of spiritual civilization. At the same time, High-Tech it is of great significance for enriching people's spiritual life, renewing people's ideas, superstition and so on.

The progress of high technology has created great material wealth and spiritual wealth for mankind. With the advent of the era of knowledge-based economy, the endless development of High-tech and unlimited creativity, will continue to make a greater contribution to human civilization.

The benefits of high technology

Hi-tech is reflected in every aspect of life.

Yuan Longping's rice saved the common People's next year's story, the heredity and evolution of biology produced delicious fruit such as watermelon, and the increase of productivity and rate, mechanized development, make modern communication way more convenient such as mobile phones, computers, High-Tech and other technologies such as the improvement of living standards, such as air-conditioning, television, etc. to make life more comfortable, remote sensing technology, and GIS. GPs and so on to digitize the Earth, more accurate, High-Tech convenient and efficient management of the Earth

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