High-tech Is Divided Into Science And Technology

- Jul 14, 2017-

What is High-tech

Society is accustomed to the science and technology together, collectively referred to as "technology." The actual two are both closely related and important differences. Scientific solution of theoretical problems, technical solutions to practical problems. The problem to be solved by science is to find the relationship between the facts and phenomena in nature, and to establish the theory to link the facts with the phenomena. High-Tech The task of technology is to apply the scientific results to the practical problems. Science is mainly dealing with uncharted territory, and its progress, especially the major breakthroughs, is unpredictable; technology is working in a relatively mature field and can do more accurate planning.

The distinction between science and technology, coupled with high, indicates that they are part of the high-end frontier.

High-tech "Gao" is relative to conventional technology and traditional technology, High-Tech so it is not a static concept, but with a historical, development, dynamic nature. Today's High-tech, will become tomorrow's conventional technology and traditional technology. It is estimated that the technology and knowledge that people use today, 50-60 years from now only 1%, 99% will be obsolete.

From the world's High-tech development, High-tech is not a single technology, but science, technology, engineering, the forefront of the new technology group. The various ingredients of this group, mutual influence, complement each other, promote each other. At the same time, as high technology is

Technology industry is linked together, so it is a science, technology, High-Tech production integration of the production system, and is strongly promoted by the market.

In addition, High-tech is also different from the general scientific and technological sense of the so-called "accumulation of experience." It is not a cumulative experience, but a science based on discoveries or creations.

Technology is not mysterious, it is actually around us. It is people-oriented, is the display of human wisdom. The surging tide of high-tech shocks and changes the various fields of human social life, and shocks and shakes everyone's heart. High technology pays attention to everyone, and everyone pays attention to high technology.

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