High-tech Applications To All Aspects Of Social Life

- Oct 25, 2017-

Now, we continue to accept and enjoy the High-tech to our life to bring convenience and fast, in the ever-changing era of technology, the future of home appliances will be more humane, convenient, more popular people. The socialization of the use of high technology has become a scenic line of modern social life, people's basic necessities are closely related to the High-tech, and gradually applied to all aspects of social life, High-Tech become an indispensable part of modern human daily life. Today's demand is not just a high-tech so simple, but also add more aesthetic needs, no doubt the high technology of our quality of life has a great impact ~

Used in agricultural production, resulting in "precision agriculture", which will greatly improve the production level of agriculture. High-Tech The technology is to install the global satellite locator on combine harvester, planter and fertilizing machine, and the indoor receiver can transmit information to the computer. This has the characteristics of accurate fertilization, High-Tech accurate yield estimation and accurate operation. The United States is promoting this precise planting technology in the field of agriculture.

High-tech is applied to agriculture, so that agricultural production activities are closely linked with the whole society, which can make full use of social resources to solve the difficulties in the process of production, and the socialization of agricultural production will enter a new stage. High-Tech Since the United States Government decided to build the "information superhighway", computer network technology is rapidly becoming popular in the American agriculture field. Through the Internet, farmers can browse the United States and even around the world access to information, such as agricultural futures prices, domestic market sales, High-Tech import and export volume, the latest agricultural science and technology and meteorological information, but also to sell agricultural products online.

High-tech based industrial and breeding industry is emerging, which will fundamentally change the traditional mode of production of agriculture, so that the productive activities of agriculture can not be carried out in nature, but like industrial production in the plant. Industrial agriculture is not the general significance of greenhouse production, but the comprehensive use of a variety of High-tech products. High-Tech It is necessary to use biotechnology to cultivate seeds, but also to apply computer technology to the lighting, temperature, humidity, fertilization, pesticides and other control, still need to use new materials, such as High-tech achievements. For example, High-Tech many greenhouses can simulate the operation of the sun, so that crops like in the natural photosynthesis, so that the season, day and night, continuous production, so as to improve production speed, shorten the production cycle, increase production.

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