High - Tech Drive Industry Development

- Jun 05, 2017 -

It is generally believed that high-tech is a frontier science and technology that has a significant impact on the development and progress of human society, such as talent-intensive, knowledge-intensive, technology-intensive, High-Tech capital-intensive, risk-intensive, information-intensive, industry-intensive, competitive and penetrating The

Popular understanding, that is, high-tech must be industrialized in order to form the scale of industrial efficiency. And high-tech without borders. Need the global high-tech industry to jointly cope with the common fate of mankind.

High-tech "high" is relative to conventional technology and traditional technology, so it is not an immutable concept, but with a historical, developmental, dynamic nature. High-Tech Today's high-tech, will become tomorrow's routine technology and traditional technology. It is estimated that today people use the technology and knowledge, 50 - 60 years after only 1%, 99% will be outdated.

From the world of high-tech development point of view, high-tech is not a single technology, but science, technology, engineering, the forefront of the new technology group. High-Tech The various components of this group, mutual influence, complement each other, promote each other. At the same time, due to high tech is high

Technology industry is linked together, so it is science, technology, production integration of the production system, and by the market to vigorously promote.

In addition, high-tech is also different from the general scientific sense of the so-called "accumulation of experience." It is not what accumulated experience, but based on scientific discovery or creation of science and technology.

High tech is not mysterious, it is actually in our side. It is people-oriented, High-Tech is the show of human wisdom. Blowing the wave of high-tech impact, changing the human social life in all areas, but also impact, shocked everyone's heart. High tech attention to everyone, everyone concerned about high technology.

High-tech industry has become the world's new round of economic and technological development of the strategic high ground, one of the development of things for the promotion of economic development and social progress has important practical significance. After the announcement of the "planning" published soon, the Ministry of Industry approved the Guangdong Shunde to create "equipment industry two deep integration and intelligent manufacturing pilot", Shunde proposed in the smart products will build a number of "no man factory." High-Tech The unmanned manufacturing industry may provide a path for the upgrading of China's manufacturing industry. Li Guanggan that intelligent is the information and industrialization of the "two fusion" of the inevitable way, its core technology is undoubtedly the Internet of Things, but to balance the good input and output, within our capabilities. Wu Hequan pointed out that the premise of "two integration" is also more general, and the Internet of things is the "two integration" of the entry point, can greatly promote the application of information technology to promote high-tech development. A large number of applications in the industry are in the industry, including smart grid, intelligent transportation, intelligent logistics, intelligent medical, smart home and so on. The purpose of the development of the Internet of Things is not only to generate application benefits, but also to promote industrial development. With the Internet of Things, High-Tech each industry can be through the information to improve the core competitiveness of these intelligent applications is the transformation of economic development.

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