Four Functions Of Intelligent Electric Bicycle

- Aug 22, 2018-

In the future, smart electric bicycles will gradually replace the automobile as a mainstream means of transportation. At present, smart electric bicycles are widely used by a new generation of young people. It is mainly a green concept of energy saving and environmental protection, and a unique use function. It is synonymous with fashion, so the quality has Guaranteed smart electric bicycle has four functions?

Social function

The social concept is now highly respected by many online communities and software. The social function of smart electric bicycles is also based on the Internet. The online community users gather to form a community to effectively achieve discussions and activities. The connection between smart electric bicycles and the Internet has made it a bridge for electric bike enthusiasts.

2. Intelligent detection function

The intelligent electric bicycle can automatically detect and feedback the current situation of the vehicle, including battery power, alarm information, startup information, driving information and road condition information. When the detection is completed, the intelligent detection module system transmits the detection result to the mobile phone.

3. Intelligent anti-theft function

The intelligent electric bicycle is equipped with intelligent modules. The intelligent module has a GPS system. When the electric bicycle is stolen, the intelligent anti-theft system is turned on, and the electric bicycle automatically locks and uploads the position information to the user's mobile phone. The user can locate the stolen vehicle based on the location of the phone.

4. Remote control function

The remote control function can be used together with the intelligent anti-theft function. After the stolen smart electric bicycle automatically uploads the location information to the mobile phone, the user can use the mobile phone to control the smart electric bicycle to lock it into the anti-theft state. The real user of the electric bike can turn it on again.

The well-known smart electric bicycle has these functions to make this vehicle more intelligent and user-friendly, and enhance its operability and practicality. Let the future traffic develop intelligently and quickly, no longer need to worry about the traffic on the road to work, you can enjoy each morning happily.

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