Counting The Electric Foldable Electric Scooter

- Aug 16, 2018-

The electric scooter is foldable and popular in Southeast Asia. It is easy to learn and can be learned in just one minute. It can make some tricks in ten minutes. Therefore, the heat wave of scooters gradually landed in the domestic market. The "scooter" is very light and weighs less than 3kg. It is folded when stored and can be unfolded or folded in 30 seconds.

Folding electric scooters are moderately tempered, easy to learn and easy to operate, and have brakes (step on the rear brakes). If it is just a flat step, ordinary entertainment, it is generally not easy to fall. Therefore, it is suitable for use in a variety of ages, especially among adolescents, and it is more attractive to have a vehicle. The scooter has a good exercise effect on the well-developed balance system of the teenagers.

The origin of the folding electric scooter: the origin of the scooter In 1993, a German engineer named Sieghartstxaka solved the problem of his own traffic, placed two skateboard wheels on an aluminum piece, and then added a metal armrest with a telescopic performance to the skateboard. In the car.

After he improved it in a few months, he took him to the train station every day. At the beginning of his work on a scooter, he was scorned by everyone, including passers-by and colleagues. But not long after, an investor came to the door, he believes that this hand-held scooter has a very good market opportunity. He is willing to invest in the production of this "great invention." So, a few years ago, scooters were popular in Europe and America, and five years later, they came to China again.

Folding electric scooter manufacturers analyze, and a large number of jumping and sliding can improve the heart and lung function, so that the child's leg and arm muscles are stronger and stronger, effectively stretching the leg ligaments and promoting bone development.

Skateboarding can also stimulate the activity of brain cells and the development of the cerebellum, and children will create a lot of movements when they are playing scooters. This will also help their brain and physical strength to grow healthily.

After introducing its origins, let's take a look at all the features of electric scooters and the advantages of folding. By contrast, I think anyone will choose a more portable one.

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