China Balanced Scooter Competitive Performance Competition

- Aug 15, 2017 -

                          China balanced scooter competitive performance competition  

The second Chinese balance scooter competitionfirst station in Shanxi Lvliang, successfully hold on August 6,2017.On August 13, 2017,the second station is also officially launched in Zhengzhou, Henan.

Huang Jianjun,who is the Executive Director of China balance scooter Sports Competition Organizing Committee and Deputy Secretary-General of the Guangdong Electric Vehicle association.Yang Guijiang, the chief referee of this competition .They arrived in Henan Zhengzhou and discussed how to prepare more perfectly of the second race with the local person chiefly in charge .The host of South China City Zhongyuan stunt team leader Wang also expressed the good wishes of the contest Henan sub-division.

At 10:00 a.m, the moderator officially announced the beginning of the race. Huang Jianjun on behalf of the organizers to give a speech firstly.After reviewing the wonderful race in Luliang, he hopes that through the balance scooter race to let more people know the balance scooter sport, paying attention to the balance scooter sport . As the same time ,he introduced the upcoming Guangzhou finals and the Qingdao preliminary contest, encouraging more people to participate in the balance scooter sport.

Shenzhen shenzhou flying arrow technology Co., Ltd is one of the sponsors.General manager,He Zhichang said that they will continue to support the competition as the sponsor of the first competition.In order to fit the Olympic sport spirit in to the balance scooter race and promote the healthy development of balanced car industry.


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