Break Through The Hard And Risk Road

- Aug 24, 2017-


                       break through the hard and risk road event 

   On the August 21 afternoon, organized by the Guangdong Electric Vehicle Association ,the first "break through the hard and risk Road  " electric car Tibet quality activities opening ceremony was held on the 6th floor conference room grand of the Guangzhou round building  . Yadi, TAILG, AOWA, Taibang, Wuyang and Chaoyuan six participating enterprises attended the launching ceremony. Zhang Bin, general manager of the electric car era network.the Southern Daily, Guangzhou Daily, New Express, Southern Metropolis Daily and other media representatives; more than 100 people participated in this meeting.

   At 14:00 o'clock in the afternoon, the launching ceremony officially began. Lan Shiyou ,Secretary-General of GDEVA ,made a brief introduction of starting ceremony general process and the relevant situation . Next, Ma Dongshan Executive President given a welcome speech to invited businers and riders, thanks for supporting the activities. Ma Dongshan said the activities was readied from the beginning of this year and starting today.

   Tibet quality riding way is  LINZHI - LANGXIAN - QUSONG and more than other 10 counties.there will have competition such as bearing load and power  on the way,also conduct Linzhi student to respect public welfare activities and awards ceremony in Lhasa, etc.At the end of the year, the results of the activities of the quality of Tibet will be displayed.


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