Basic Characteristics Of Intelligent Transportation Industry

- Nov 06, 2017-

Intelligent transportation industry is an important application carrier of Intelligent City, to really promote technology integration, business integration, data fusion, across the hierarchy, across the region, across the system, across the business, Cross-sectoral, can truly realize intelligent generation, information fusion, intelligent management and services.

Intelligent networked parking will realize the real-time parking information of a public car park in a city or area access to the intelligent transportation industry, Intelligent Transportation Industry people can access the Internet, send text messages, telephone calls and other ways to query parking information. It not only solves the problem of car owners looking for parking spaces, but also saves the fuel cost of finding parking spaces, and solves the problem of long-term vacant parking spaces.

Use of intelligent transportation systems such as etc products, vehicle electronic label) can manage vehicles, according to different types of vehicles, different sections, different time management methods, the implementation of the congestion zone of vehicles to charge, with economic means reasonable organization, guide traffic, reduce traffic peak period of vehicle concentration areas, Improve traffic flow smoothness, and then achieve the purpose of urban congestion management.

The application of intelligent traffic can maximize the operation ability of traffic system, reduce traffic accidents, mitigate environmental pollution and energy consumption. Intelligent Transportation Industry In addition to the above, wireless radio frequency identification (RFID) and special short-range communication (DSRC) technology in the field of intelligent transportation can also be used in basic traffic information collection and travel information services, intelligent scheduling and security management, road parking fees, etc.

There are five basic characteristics of the intelligent transportation industry

Analyzing the current situation of China's traffic development and the development of technical productivity, Intelligent Transportation Industry we can think of the following characteristics.

Feature one: Traffic elements are ubiquitous in the Internet

Including roads, bridges, ancillary facilities and other transport infrastructure, vehicles, ships and other transport equipment, as well as people and goods all traffic elements, in the new sensor, self-organizing network, automatic control technology environment, to achieve mutual information interconnection and automatic control, transport infrastructure, transport equipment will have multi-dimensional perception, Intelligent Transportation Industry intelligent decision-making , remote control, automatic navigation and other functions, to achieve active prediction, automatic disposal.

Feature two: The combination of virtual and reality in the intelligent transportation industry, the line and the line under the match

The future transportation system will be put forward by users on the network of passenger and freight transport needs, transport systems after receiving online transport needs, using large data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technical means on the network to analyze transport needs, Intelligent Transportation Industry put forward transport strategy, the formulation of transport plans, And then to the line of transport equipment facilities to complete the actual transport production.

Feature three: door-to-door integrated transport

For the user, the future transportation system is a whole transport service provider. Users do not have to understand the structure and operation of the transportation system, only need to provide from A to B transport needs, the system will naturally provide a complete set of solutions, including ticketing "one-vote system", Intelligent Transportation Industry transport organization multimodal transport, seamless cohesion, continuity and the whole process.

Feature four: The intelligent transportation industry should be required and become user-provided adaptive services

In the overall perception, real-time communication, massive data analysis ability to improve the premise, the user and the system platform interaction more frequently close, makes the transportation system more has the class person's wisdom, may according to the actual situation change, should change, Intelligent Transportation Industry provides the personalized, the diverse, the Humanist transportation service for each kind of user.

Feature five: Transport production organization and management of high reliability and efficiency

Intelligent Transportation includes intellectualized transportation infrastructure, intelligent transportation and transportation equipment, intelligent Transportation Organization service and so on. Production organizations and managers of various transport elements of the master more detailed, Intelligent Transportation Industry timely and accurate, to a variety of risks more effective control and response, and through the intelligent technology to make transport production strategy more scientific, transport production organization and management of higher reliability and higher efficiency.

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