Battery Operated Electric Tricycle

Battery Operated Electric Tricycle

battery operated electric tricycle Product information 1.Vehicle frame is w hole frame structure , new type front fork,equipped with luxurious chair cushion lazyback, appearance gorgeous and beautiful . Accord with human body structure, t he vehicle more streamlined , b etter ride comfort . 2....

Product Details

Battery Operated Electric Tricycle:

1. The vehicle frame is whole frame structure, new type front fork, equipped with luxurious chair cushion lazyback, appearance gorgeous and beautiful. Accord with human body structure, the vehicle more streamlined, better ride comfort.

2. There is a new style profiling foot pad, play a non-slip effect.

3. Using a new type guard bar before and after the vehicle body, sound construction, increase the safety of the vehicle.

4. Increasing intelligent voice function, it can timely remind the vehicle driving process state.

5. Choosing the 48V500W differential motor, climbing strength more robust.

6. Configuration with luxurious headlight instrument,  the overall appearance is beautiful.

7. With anti-theft alarm function, improve the vehicle safety. Structural design of human nature, operating comfort. It is middle-aged and aged people to visit relatives and friends, shopping and leisure the best means of transport.

why we choose the electric vehicle:

a. Energy saving and emission reduction while the shortage of the global supply.

b.Reduce oil consumption

c. Reduce air pollution emission

d. Reduce carbin dioxide emission

e. Convenient travel

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