Unmanned Naval Ship

Unmanned Naval Ship

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The Unmanned Naval Ship is an unmanned ship. There are mainly two types of unmanned surface ships and unmanned submersibles. Mainly used to perform hazards and tasks that are not suitable for manned vessels. It is expected that the naval battles and military operations will be completely changed in the next 10 years.


Unmanned Naval Ship's main skill is to be able to carry anti-ship missile radar bait modules. In the process of accompanying a large manned ship, once it encounters an enemy missile attack, it can serve as a line of interference to provide soft protection for the mother ship. In addition, it can also be equipped with a remote weapon station as a security unmanned patrol boat, which can play a role in intercepting, tracking and expelling various targets.

If the sonar is installed, the Unmanned Naval Ship can perform anti-submarine operations to detect enemy submarine positions. The boat is equipped with torpedoes, and with anti-submarine detection sonar, using wolves tactics, it can pose a fatal threat to enemy submarines, can greatly reduce the moving space of enemy submarines, and increase the probability of discovering enemy submarines. This unmanned boat can also perform in anti-mine, electronic warfare, intelligence gathering and amphibious operations.

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