Eco Charger Electric Four Wheelers

Eco Charger Electric Four Wheelers

Electric quadricycle Product information why we choose the electric vehicle a. Energy saving and emisison reduction while the shortage of the global supply. b.Reduce the oil consumption c.Reduce air pollution emission d.Reduce carbin dioxide emission e.Convenient travel We are the Co-organizer...

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Model:QWMATV-01C 800W 20AH 
Engine:800W Electric Motor
Motor Max Loaded Amps:19A
Controller Type:Air-cooled , Non Water Proof, Brake Shut-off,Charger Port
Rider Capacity:1 person (recommend ages 12 and under) 
Battery:Lead-Acid, 12V/20AH×3pcs
Charging Time:10-12 hours
3 Speed Limit & Reverse Gear:6km/h, 12km/h & 25km/h with Reverse Gear
Max Speed:25km/h(depending on terrain surface)
Max Distance Ride:40km(dependinf on rider weight & road condition)
Front Brakes:Dirlled Disc Brakes
Rear Brakes:Drilled Disc Brake(hand brake lever)
Maximun Load:50kg
Front & Rear Wheel: 13×5.00-6 with Knobbed Tyres
Control System:Twist Throttle

Box: 106×58×55cm    Bike: 110×56×65cm

Seat Height: 45cm

We are the Co-organizer of 

South China International Intelligent Transportation Industrial and Technology Expo

Expo Date:Nov.16th-18th,2017

Venue :B Area.11.1&13.1 Hall of China Import&Export Fair Complex, Pazhou,Guangzhou

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