New discoveries of battery life technology

- Aug 31, 2017-

                New discoveries of battery life technology 

      The smart phone,Ipad and laptop used in our daily life are almost power from lithium battery which use liquid as an electrolyte, but these liquid electrolytes are highly flammable.Considering this situation,may be the Solid electrolyte more safe,but it has he irregularity substaintialy.It require to use carefully.MIT’s researcher found a dual-lithium-ion battery which combine liquid electrolyte to Solid electrolyte,preventing liquid electrolyte short circuit fire by using the smooth surface of solid electrolyte. 

     The electrolyte in the battery is the material between positive and negative,when the battery charging or discharging,the ions pass through the electrolyte from one electrode to the other one.But the normal liquid electrolyte we use are very flammable,and easy to dendricity which will cause battery Short-circuit and destroy the battery.In order to settle this problem,researchers try to use the solid electrolyte,for example the special ceramic materials,it can eliminate the combustible risk of short circuit,but the actual test shows that the operation of solid electrolyte and its irregularity will be more prone to short circuit than expected.

      Researchers had misinterpreted the properties of solid electrolytes before,considered the robustness of solid electrolytes determines whether dendrites are produced.But MIT’s researchers found that the smoothness of electrolytes are the main element to prevent the dendrite.And the fixation of electrolytes does not determine whether the cell's dendrites can penetrate into the electrolyte.The smoothness of the electrolyte surface is an important factor to prevent dendrites, and small scratches on the surface of the electrolyte may provide a basis for dendritic production.Using smooth surface can eliminate the problem of the electrolyte of combustible solid polymer electrolyte, and can also use the solid lithium metal as battery electrodes, liquid-solid combined with the potential to make the lithium ion battery electrolyte battery capacity doubled again.

     The battery technology is still in the works, which will break the battery life of electric and portable devices.


On the left is a rough solid electrolyte surface with a smooth solid electrolyte surface






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