- Dec 16, 2016-

1.Original imported 2160wh lithium battery bearing plenty of energy.

2.Solution on battery pack in parallel with global level.

3.Advanced battery cell protection technology covers each battery under armour.

4.Independently-developed smart battery management system and120 batteriesoperation under precise control.

5.Efficient charging, quick and effective.

6.Six protections about the core of battery.

1.with round lamp that shows affinity and by integrating day running lamp into high/low beam, your travel would be definitely safe.

2.U-shaped frame of motorcycle property and application of welding by manipulator improves quality of frame to a new level.

3.electrophoresis ensures even painting surface besides protecting the frame, giving painting a long life. The protection even goes to a tiny welding joint.

4.EBS(Electric Braking System) technology with Max. 10% of braking kinetic energy recovered

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