- Dec 19, 2016 -

Founded in 2011, Zhongshan Kunchen Battery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of lithium iron phosphate battery, which integrates research, design, manufacturing and sale. It has highly experienced R&D team which has been in the research of lithium iron phosphate battery for ten years. Through research of electric core technology, battery management system and combination technique etc., we can target at voltage, current, capacitance, state of charging and discharging of power batteries, technological standard and therefore enable the lithium iron phosphate batteries to be applied to in such fields as electric cars, energy storage devices, military and spaceflight.

        Our products mainly apply to solar energy, wind energy storage power, large power supply, vehicles with combined power and pure power, electric tools, electronic products and recharging fields, involving such products as aviation power, grid, UPS energy storage power, electric buses, sightseeing vehicles, automobiles, motorcycle start-up power source, electric motorcycles, mini-motorcycles, medical equipments etc.


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