- Dec 19, 2016 -

Shenzhen hundred nexium technology co., LTD is a professional engaged in welding technology and automation equipment, industrial power and welding technology research, development, production and sales for the integration of modern high-tech enterprises. The company has independent research and development of advanced product research and development team, strong technology development strength, the company introduced the japan-american most advanced welding technology and independent research and development.
The main products are: battery array combination automation welding equipment, series inverter welding power source, welding power transistor, stored energy spot welding, series microcomputer precision spot welding machine and so on. Widely used in: batteries, electronics, hardware, plastics, machinery, etc.






WTB - 6000 transistors allows spot welding machine is through the power switch tube high-speed switch, switch to real-time acquisition to the welding between the electrode voltage, electric current closed-loop feedback control of high precision high speed large current transistor welding power source.




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