Britain is seeking a transition to electric cars

- Aug 25, 2017-


              Britain is seeking a transition to electric cars


    UK government has announced that will prohibit to sale Gasoline and diesel cars from 2040,and allowing to sale new energy only like electric car in the market.Michael Gove the environment minister of UK said it is in order to settle the road transportation pollution by this action.But after analyzing,There are still many challenges for Britain to fully turn to electric vehicles, and concrete policies need to be moved smoothly.


    Air pollution is easy to cause some illness like Cancer,Asthma, Stroke and Heart Disease.According to a study published by the royal college of medicine in London last year , about 40,000 people die because of the outdoor air pollution in the UK during one year.We can not continue to use the gasoline and diesel car any more,which will lead to health problem,accelerate the climate deterioration,destroy the earth environment and bad for the sustainable development.We have no choice if we can not take in new technology.We have to take action !Michael Gove said to the press.


    Owing to improve the air quality,follow the footsteps of European countries such as France and Norway,UK made a decision to prohibit saling the gasoline and diesel car.Therefore,UK government will plan to invest around 3 billion GBP to solve the road transportation pollution and support the green travel.However,it is main to support development of electric car.There plan as bellow,1 billion GBP will put to support the usage of ultra-low emission vehicle,including construct base infrastructure such as charging piles.1.2 billion GBP will support for bike & on foot going out activity.2.9 billion GBP will use to remould the public bus and electric taxi.In addition ,1 billion will use to rebuild the state road net.


    It encourages the business and academia to apply for the investment to research and development the battery of electric car.And the local government would be required to publish the concrete policy ,Enhance  the air quality in severely polluted areas by improving road layout, levying pollution tax and other means.


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