Amazon Electric Bicycle

Amazon Electric Bicycle

Welcome to our South China Expo and more inteligent e-vehicles

Product Details

Welcome to our South China Expo and more inteligent e-vehicles

Product Description

This amazon electric bicycle has fashion appearance and concise design.

Front and rear double disc brake system is equipped, safe and worry-saving. Emergency brake of this amazon electric bicycle can be sensitive and smooth because of the front and rear brake dual system. Therefore, it is easy to deal with complex road conditions, and make you ride free from bad weather.

The upgraded cushion makes the riding experience more comfortable. Compared with the ordinary electric bicycle cushion, the upgraded cushion enlarges the area, and the softness enhances the comfort during riding process. According to the road conditions, the cycling mode can be changed at will. In the case of no electricity, the cycling mode can be conveniently changed to manual cycling, used as a bicycle.

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