Balance Car Live

Balance car is a type of novel environment friendly, fashionable and intelligent travel tool that has become developed in recent years. It became a fashion world-wide at its beginning of development, but not everyone have a clear understanding of it. In order to promote balance cars to become a popular commodity, bring the cultural element of PE contests into the industry, let balance car industry glow again, and prove to the world the outstanding quality of Made-in-China, on August, 28th, hosted by the Guangdong Electrict Vehicle Association and Shenzhen Electric Bicycle Association , with Shenzhou Kuwai Sports & Cultural Communication Co., Ltd and GTQ Easy Balance Cars being the co-organizer, and sponsored by Shenzhen Huanxi Technology Co., Ltd and Shenzhen Grand Powersource Co.,Ltd , the First Balance Car Rodeo Competition of China was formally started in Waterlands Resort! Simultaneously, the leading companies of each industry gathered here, and probe into the developing condition of balance cars jointly, and the members of the patent pool also showed up collectively.